More About Sildenafil Citrate

What is sexual problem? If one can not satisfy his/her partner while sexual contacts then it is called sexual problem. Now a day almost one third of the male population around the world are suffering from sexual problem. It is a common problem in males. In most of cases the sexual problem can be solved very easily because it is a temporary problem in 80 cases. Sexual problem can be defined in many ways. The disability of sex is one of the sexual problems. Some of the other sexual problems are lack of desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution. This problem can start from any age of life. Normally most of the young males have sexual problem because of fear. Premature ejaculation is another problem but this problem is a temporary problem.

It can start suddenly while doing the sexual activities. In most of the cases the sexual problems are psychological rather than physical problem. Lack of sexual experience can sometimes cause sexual dysfunction. Depressions, shyness etc are some other reasons of sexual problem. Some of the physiological reasons responsible for sexual problem are – syphilis, Alcohol, heart problem, smoking, thyroid, diabetics, hormonal problem, scelerosis, antihistamines, depressions, drugs, addiction, sadness etc. When the estrogen or testosterone production is interrupted, it can decrease sexual desire and create sexual disorders. Pregnancy, fatigue, age etc are some other factors of decreasing sexual desire. Another two main reasons of sexual problem are – Depression and anxiety. Most common sexual problems in women and men are frigidity and impotence. ED problem is a form of impotence.

Talk to the physician before taking any medicine for sexual problem treatment. To treat sexual dysfunction and impotence Viagra or sildenafil citrate is the best drug. But before taking sildenafil citrate consult with your doctor. It is a great drug to treat impotence problem. Most of the impotence problems are temporary problem. It works against the impotence and increase the sexual interaction time. Take a 50 mg sildenafil citrate 2-3 hrs before the sexual activities. It takes 1-2 hrs to start working. Take the medicine only before the sexual activities so no need of scheduling. But do not double dose the medicine. Higher dose won’t give you better effect. Your doctor will choose which dose is perfect for you. Do not overdose. There may be some rare side effects while using sildenafil citrate. Heart patients are recommended not to take this drug. Do not take Viagra or sildenafil if you have chest pain and other heart problem. Do not take more than one dosage at one time. Overdose can create problem. If you observe any physical or psychological change in while taking Viagra then call for the emergency medical help. For information read the medicine leaflet found with the drug.

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