Modafinil Side Effects

If your doctor has prescribed modafinil for treatment of a sleep disorder or other health issue that you may be having it is important to know that there can be some side effects of taking this medication.

Some of the common side effects reported from using modafinil include nausea and headache. Some of the other side effects of modafinil include xerostomia and anorexia.

In addition to the needed effects of the drug, there could be some other unwanted side effects caused by using modafinil. If one or more of these side effects does occur they may require you to seek medical attention.

If you experience any of these side effects you should contact your doctor immediately.

Uncommon Side Effects of Modafinil

Blurred vision

Black or tarry stools



Chest pain



Increased thirst

Increased urination

Memory issues


Sore throat

Shortness of breath

Difficulty urinating

Unusual weakness or tiredness

Unusual bleeding


It is possible to overdose on modafinil. If you have one of these symptoms of overdose while you are on modafinil you need to seek emergency medical help right away.

Fast heartbeat

Excitement or agitation

Difficulty sleeping

There are some side effects of taking modafinil that do not need medical attention. When your body adjusts to taking modafinil many of the side effects should go away. Some of the common side effects that may be experienced and should go away after a short time of taking modafinil include:

Other side effects that are not as common include diarrhea, back pain, constipation, mouth feeling dry, skin drying out, redness of the skin or flushing, indigestion, stuffy nose, runny nose, vomiting, swelling, tingling or burning sensations of the skin, ulcers or other spots on the mouth, and muscle stiffness.

When taking any new medication it is important to write down any symptoms that you have that may be in relation to taking the medication so that you can discuss them with your doctor at your next visit.

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