How To Take Levitra

How to Take Levitra- Levitra is a magical drug for those who are sexually incapacitated owing to erectile dysfunction. It is widely being used in the United States and all other countries for the sexually impaired persons.

Its use is fulfilling their marital life with consummate pleasures and playing important role in strengthening conjugal bond. If taken under the guidance of a competent doctor, Levitra is considered as an exquisite drug which can change the life of its user and give him unmatchable pleasures.

Levitra – A Magical Drug

However, reckless use of Levitra may pose many problems instead of serving your favorable purpose. Therefore, great care should be taken in its use so that no unwanted complication may take place. Here are some guidelines which you should keep in your mind before its intake.

Levitra Tablets

The first thing that you must bear in your mind is potency of the dose which you intend to take. Levitra is available in tablets of various sizes. These sizes may range from 2.5 mg to 20 mg in quantity.

It is more appropriate to begin with the smallest dose and observe its effects on the body. If is does not create any unfavorable condition the dose may be increased to higher level. A normal person can start with tablet of 10 mg per day. However, men suffering from liver problems are advised to start with smallest dose amounting to 2.5 mg per day.

Similarly, persons whose age is above 65 years, they should also proceed with the same dose. In each case the suggestions of a competent physician must be followed.

It has been observed that grapefruit has certain chemicals in it which can react with Levitra and give rise to many adverse effects.

If grapefruit is an essential part of your food, you must be cautious in taking Levitra dose. If you can abstain from the use of grapefruit in your food then there is no danger of any adverse reaction. In this context you can also discus your position with your medical consultant.

Levitra is found in the form of tablets and used through oral administration. Its chewing and grinding under the teeth should be avoided. The best way of its use is swallowing it down through your throat with help of a lot of water. The use of excessive water is highly recommended.

Levitra Combination With Other Drugs

Levitra should not be taken in combination with drugs having nitrate as their essential ingredient.

You can take Levitra with meals but your meal should not be too much fatted. Higher fat in your food can cause many unfavorable effects.

Do not take overdose or never use it more than once a day.

The use of Levitra prolongs erectility on sexual arousal only. Its effect may last for hours. Some users may undergo through too much prolonged erectility. Such unwanted situation is also unfavorable and it must be reported to the concerned doctor.

What Is Levitra?

You must take consideration of drugs which you are already using for other health problems such as antibiotics and drugs related to the treatment of depression.

Follow the advice of your doctor strictly.

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