Modafinil Side Effects

If your doctor has prescribed modafinil for treatment of a sleep disorder or other health issue that you may be having it is important to know that there can be some side effects of taking this medication.

Some of the common side effects reported from using modafinil include nausea and headache. Some of the other side effects of modafinil include xerostomia and anorexia.

In addition to the needed effects of the drug, there could be some other unwanted side effects caused by using modafinil. If one or more of these side effects does occur they may require you to seek medical attention.

If you experience any of these side effects you should contact your doctor immediately.

Uncommon Side Effects of Modafinil

Blurred vision

Black or tarry stools



Chest pain



Increased thirst

Increased urination

Memory issues


Sore throat

Shortness of breath

Difficulty urinating

Unusual weakness or tiredness

Unusual bleeding


It is possible to overdose on modafinil. If you have one of these symptoms of overdose while you are on modafinil you need to seek emergency medical help right away.

Fast heartbeat

Excitement or agitation

Difficulty sleeping

There are some side effects of taking modafinil that do not need medical attention. When your body adjusts to taking modafinil many of the side effects should go away. Some of the common side effects that may be experienced and should go away after a short time of taking modafinil include:

Other side effects that are not as common include diarrhea, back pain, constipation, mouth feeling dry, skin drying out, redness of the skin or flushing, indigestion, stuffy nose, runny nose, vomiting, swelling, tingling or burning sensations of the skin, ulcers or other spots on the mouth, and muscle stiffness.

When taking any new medication it is important to write down any symptoms that you have that may be in relation to taking the medication so that you can discuss them with your doctor at your next visit.

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Kamagra Side Effects

What Are The Most Likely Kamagra Side Effects?

Kamagra is a generic alternative for popular erectile dysfunction treatments. It has the same active ingredient as medications like Cialis and Viagra, called sildenafil citrate. Kamagra side effects have not been tested by the US Food and Drug Administration because it is generally available outside of the United States.

The country where it is manufactured makes assessments of its safety and efficacy. However, if we assume that the medications are free of adulterants, the effects of Kamagra, and the Kamagra side effects on the patient, are now well understood by studying those of Viagra and Cialis. These can range from mild to severe depending upon each individual and their general health before they take the medication.

Kamagra Works, And Works Fast

Men that are suffering from erectile dysfunction or just want to significantly improve their sexual performance take Kamagra. Kamagra is available in various forms like pills, chewable gum, and oral jellies. Kamagra is rapidly absorbed by the body and reaches its maximum potency approximately half an hour after ingestion. Kamagra helps men get an erection, and can make it last for up to four hours. Kamagra is not based on hormones, and is not an aphrodisiac. The patient will very likely get an erection very soon after taking the medication, but still needs to be sexually stimulated. Positive Kamagra side effects are the same as for any version of sildenafil citrate, as it is simply a generic version of the medication. By relaxing the muscle tissue in the penile area, and encouraging it to engorge with blood to produce an erection, the medication allows men to engage in normal sexual activity. Kamagra is not recommended for people that are at high risk for a heart attack, such as people taking nitroglycerine pills. There are a wide range of reported Kamagra side effects, but most are not that serious, or not seen in that many patients.

The Most Common Kamagra side effects

• Body aches
• Diarrhea
• Headache
• Sneezing
• Runny nose
• Flushed skin
• Trouble falling asleep
• Indigestion
• Redness of the skin
• Heavy breathing

Headache is reported in up to 16 percent of users, making it the most common Kamagra side effect noted. The redness and flushing reported are normal reactions to sexual activity, and Kamagra appears to intensify these effects. Drinking more water and avoiding greasy foods can often ease indigestion caused by taking Kamagra. Alcoholic beverages are often implicated in digestive problems associated with Kamagra, so avoiding them could possibly help with nausea symptoms.

There are other less common Kamagra side effects as well: Cardiovascular

Kamagra Side effects, like excessive flushing of the skin, are reported in about 10 percent of respondents, and dizziness in 2 percent. In less than 2 percent of patients, angina, syncope, palpitations, hypotension, cardiac arrest, chest pain, and migraines have been reported. It’s unclear whether these severe events are a result of the medication on the body, or due to sexual activity, which is strenuous physical activity that can also bring on these symptoms.

Nervous System

Kamagra side effects of the nervous system have included headaches, which were reported in up to 16 percent of patients and dizziness, in 2 percent. Other Kamagra side effects seen in less than 2 percent of users include neuralgia, trembling, insomnia, vertigo, abnormal dreams, anxiety, and depression. In a few cases, amnesia has been reported as well. Gastrointestinal Kamagra side effects that have been reported include upset stomach in 7 percent of respondents and diarrhea in 3 percent. Much less common reactions are severe abdominal pain, colitis, gastritis, dry mouth, rectal bleeding, sensitive gums, and vomiting.


Kamagra side effects for the respiratory system include nasal congestion reported in 4 percent of users, and a much lower rate of reports of wheezing, sore throat, bronchitis, cough, snoring, and sinusitis.


Kamagra side effects for vision seem to mostly be related to abnormalities in perceptions of color. There is a similarity in the enzymes in the eye as the enzymes that are affected by Kamagra to produce an erection, so this is not surprising. Pilots and other workers who rely on acute vision and color perception are cautioned against using the product for up to eight hours before going to work for this reason. Kamagra side effects have included a transient blue tinge to vision, and sometimes sensitivity to bright lights. Blurred vision is occasionally reported. Less than 2 percent of respondents report side effects like dry eyes, conjunctivitis, tinnitus, deafness, and ear pain after use.


Kamagra side effects for the skin include a rash, reported by 2 percent of users. Much rarer Kamagra side effects of the skin are blisters, excessive sweating, contact dermatitis rashes, and flaking skin.

Urinary Tract Problems

Kamagra side effects of the urinary tract include infections with about 3 percent of patients. In less than 2 percent of patients, an increased urge to urinate is reported, breast enlargement is seen, and a few patients report incontinence, abnormal ejaculation, painful erections lasting longer than four hours, and a generalized swelling in the area that is not an erection.

Other Side Effects

In a very few patients, Kamagra side effects include unusual thirstiness, gout, edema, hypoglycemia, pain, chills, accidentally falling, arthritis, myalgia, bone pains, ruptured tendons, anemia, and psychological disturbances, a sudden decrease in the ability to hear, swelling of the face, and unusually aggressive behavior. Kamagra is not recommended for patients that have sever cardiovascular problems, or people that have severe allergies or hypersensitivities to the ingredients listed besides the active ingredient, sildenafil citrate. People who do not have trouble getting an erection, especially young people, who use Kamagra recreationally, have a small risk of becoming dependent upon the drug after using it for a long time, and may not be able to achieve an erection without it. As with all such medications, if you’re interested in using generic Viagra products like Kamagra, it’s wise to consult your doctor to make sure that you’re healthy enough for sexual activity before you take any medication for erectile dysfuntion.

How To Take Levitra

How to Take Levitra- Levitra is a magical drug for those who are sexually incapacitated owing to erectile dysfunction. It is widely being used in the United States and all other countries for the sexually impaired persons.

Its use is fulfilling their marital life with consummate pleasures and playing important role in strengthening conjugal bond. If taken under the guidance of a competent doctor, Levitra is considered as an exquisite drug which can change the life of its user and give him unmatchable pleasures.

Levitra – A Magical Drug

However, reckless use of Levitra may pose many problems instead of serving your favorable purpose. Therefore, great care should be taken in its use so that no unwanted complication may take place. Here are some guidelines which you should keep in your mind before its intake.

Levitra Tablets

The first thing that you must bear in your mind is potency of the dose which you intend to take. Levitra is available in tablets of various sizes. These sizes may range from 2.5 mg to 20 mg in quantity.

It is more appropriate to begin with the smallest dose and observe its effects on the body. If is does not create any unfavorable condition the dose may be increased to higher level. A normal person can start with tablet of 10 mg per day. However, men suffering from liver problems are advised to start with smallest dose amounting to 2.5 mg per day.

Similarly, persons whose age is above 65 years, they should also proceed with the same dose. In each case the suggestions of a competent physician must be followed.

It has been observed that grapefruit has certain chemicals in it which can react with Levitra and give rise to many adverse effects.

If grapefruit is an essential part of your food, you must be cautious in taking Levitra dose. If you can abstain from the use of grapefruit in your food then there is no danger of any adverse reaction. In this context you can also discus your position with your medical consultant.

Levitra is found in the form of tablets and used through oral administration. Its chewing and grinding under the teeth should be avoided. The best way of its use is swallowing it down through your throat with help of a lot of water. The use of excessive water is highly recommended.

Levitra Combination With Other Drugs

Levitra should not be taken in combination with drugs having nitrate as their essential ingredient.

You can take Levitra with meals but your meal should not be too much fatted. Higher fat in your food can cause many unfavorable effects.

Do not take overdose or never use it more than once a day.

The use of Levitra prolongs erectility on sexual arousal only. Its effect may last for hours. Some users may undergo through too much prolonged erectility. Such unwanted situation is also unfavorable and it must be reported to the concerned doctor.

What Is Levitra?

You must take consideration of drugs which you are already using for other health problems such as antibiotics and drugs related to the treatment of depression.

Follow the advice of your doctor strictly.

Makers of Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction Encourage Sufferers to “Talk to Your Doctor”

Getting a Prescription

Every commercial about prescription medications tell you to do it. Even some over-the-counter preparations advise it. What they all want you to do is talk to your doctor about whatever might be the complaint and find out how their product can make your life better.

Since 1998, millions of men have been talking to their doctors about erectile dysfunction (ED). Even people like former Chicago Bears football coach Mike Ditka and former U.S. Senator Bob Dole have been telling folks how they talked to their doctors about the condition that used to be referred to as “impotence,” once a subject no man would admit to talking about – either to their doctor, or anyone else for that matter.

PDE-5 Inhibitors

All that changed with the introduction of the so-called PDE-5 inhibitors (such as Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis), a class of drug that relaxes the blood vessel muscles in the penis allowing men with ED to achieve an erection. What once was a difficult-to-treat, embarrassing condition suddenly could be cured by popping a pill.

Since 1998, more than 20 million men have been treated with Viagra, the first of these medications to win federal approval. Millions more have followed the drug manufacturer’s urging to “talk to your doctor about improving erection quality (EQ).”

Discussion Starters

Levitra’s website offers advice for men on how to go about discussing ED and EQ both with their doctors and their partners. Above all, the web site urges men not to wait but to adopt a “do-it-now” mentality. Because ED can be a sensitive subject (and because the manufacturer wants to sell its product), the website aims at overcoming the reticence many men might have discussing the subject.

In particular, men do not have to mention ED when making the appointment, instead asking only for a “check up” and waiting to discuss the nature of the problem behind closed doors with the doctor. Also, the site advises to discuss the problem up front, not to wait until the doctor is halfway out the door before mentioning, “oh, by the way … .”

What to Expect

As with any medical discussion with a physician, patients should be honest, direct, and specific about the problem, their sexual history, and the condition of their health. The doctor then can give informed advice which might include prescribing Levitra. This decision will be based not only on the complaint but on the possible side effects given each man’s individual situation.

The website also suggests exactly what to say to the doctor or partner as a conversation starter. Some of these would sound corny anywhere outside a Levitra commercial, but are intended to help the patient learn the essentials of what to expect from the treatment.

Side Effects to Levitra Are Mostly Mild, But Some Can Be Dangerous

Side Effects

Anyone who has been near a television set or has an email account pretty much knows what a drug such as Levitra can do for men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). But unless you are listening closely you might not remember the side effects of the medication.

As with any chemical compound taken into the human body, vardenafil (the generic name for Levitra) can have many effects, not just those intended. Before Levitra was approved for sale by prescription in the United States, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewed these side effects and determined them not to be sufficient to make the medication dangerous.

Most Common

From the clinical trials, the three most frequently noted side effects are headaches, flushing, and rhinitis (stuffy or runny noses). These effects were compiled from a study involving 4,430 men with ED, of which 2,203 were given Levitra and plotted against the adverse reactions reported by 1199 men who received a placebo, or a neutral substance such as a sugar pill. Overall, headaches were reported by 15 percent of the men taking Levitra as opposed to such reports by 4 percent of those taking the placebo. Flushing was reported by 11 percent of the Levitra takers and runny or stuffed noses were reported 9 percent of the time. The fourth most commonly reported side effect was dyspepsia, better known as indigestion outside the medical profession.

Less Frequent

In all cases, those taking the placebo reported these symptoms no more than 4 percent (only for headaches) and more commonly only 1 percent or 2 percent of the time. These results are so detailed that the fifth most commonly reported side effect (3 percent reporting) was listed as “accidental injury,” something that could not be categorized as an adverse drug reaction. (By the way, placebo takers reported accidental injuries 2 percent of the time.)

The other adverse effects reported in the top 10 mostly were more severe incidents of the top three, such as dizziness, sinusitis, and nausea, none reported more than 3 percent of the time. All the testing was done using one of the recommended doses of Levitra, specifically 5 milligrams (mg), 10 mg, or 20 mg.

Other Cautions

Also, Levitra should not be taken is someone is taking other forms of medications, such as “nitrites” to relieve chest pain or “alpha blocker” prescribed for high blood pressure. This is true of all the drugs into which class Levitra falls, not just Levitra. Presumably this is because Levitra relaxes blood vessels and might not mix well with other medications dealing with the heart or blood flow.

Uncommon Reactions

Any discussion of Levitra side effects needs to mention a condition known as “priapism,” which is potentially quite dangerous. Priapism refers to an erection that lasts for more than four hours. While uncommon, the condition requires immediate attention as it can have damaging effects on the penis, including the ability to have erections in the future. Another uncommon side effect reported was changes in vision, particularly seeing a blue tinge to objects or having difficulty telling the difference between the colors blue and green.

These are not all the reactions associated with taking Levitra.

Discount Cialis Prices

Every male feels like his world has stopped spinning as soon as he realizes he has erectile problems. Nevertheless, the vast majority of ED disorders has nothing to do with impotence and can be cured with the help of so called “love pills”. Of course, the first erection pill you can remember is Viagra. This “love pill” is one of the most trusted and popular ways of treating ED today, but it is not the only safe and effective drug available! Let us find out if it is the best decision for you.

More and more healthcare professionals tend to prescribe their patients generic erection pills like Cialis instead of the traditional expensive brand drug. What is this generic medication like and do discount Cialis prices mean that you get the same effect and erection guarantee?

It is interesting to know that discount Cialis prices mean that you can get top quality “love pills” at the most affordable prices just because they were manufactured by authorized pharmaceutical companies in countries with cheap labor and low cost of production. At the same time you can be sure that brand erection drugs and generic Tadalafil cialis have the same chemical formula, body effect, adverse reactions and drug interactions.

Do not be afraid of starting your ED therapy and enjoying discount Cialis prices, Cialis Dosage ,because the idea that once you take a “love pill” you will never be able to perform without erection medications has nothing in common with reality! Years of medical practice show that erectile function restores faster when males start taking “love pills” and stop worrying about their erection. As for generic Cialis, it is just as effective as any brand erection pill, what is more, thousands of men who have already restored their normal sex life and tried several “love pills” state that generic Cialis works in many males even faster and lasts longer than the world #1 erection pill. To be more exact, Viagra works within 1 hour and Cialis becomes effective within 30-45 minutes; Viagra stays in your body for about 12 hours and Cheap Cialis circulates in your blood for about 24 hours and gives you a perfect chance of enjoying sexual encounters without thorough planning and nervous haste.

About Cialis

Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis all work by inhibiting a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) enzyme inhibitor which causes erectile dysfunction in men. The benefit of Cialis is that unlike Viagra and Levitra which only last four to 5 hours, it inhibitors last up to 17 and half hours, giving it the name “The Weekend Pill”. Men do not have to worry about getting “ready”. Once taken results happen in as fast as 30 minutes.

Cialis is a drug that can be taken everyday. Tadalafil also has the added benefit of functioning as a therapeutic drug to relive pulmonary hypertension and it is approved in many countries as a three times daily therapy for hypertension.

How effective is Cialis

Tadalafil better known as Cialis, is one of the most famous alternatives to Viagra. Cialis helps you fight against impotence or erectile dysfunction. The most common dose of Cialis is 10 mg. 10 milligrams is more than necessary for many men, although sometimes 20 milligrams are necessary for some men.

Cialis’ rate of effectiveness according to latest medical testing is from 60% to 80%. However, there are certain advantages over Viagra that make Cialis a better option. For starters, the effect of Cialis lasts longer than Viagra.

Also, you can take these tablets with or without any food in your stomach. If you’re taking Viagra you’re aware that you can’t consume high fat foods because those foods will decrease the effects of Viagra. You can take your Cialis tablets even though you had a fatty food; this won’t decrease the effects of Cialis.

The effect of Cialis lasts from 24 to 36 hours according to some tests; Viagra’s effects lasts from 4 to 6 hours. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a 36 hours erection. This means that your penis will be sensitive to touch and you’ll get an erection soon if you’re stimulated within that time frame.

How long do the effects of Cialis last

The effects of Cialis last for up to 36 hours in most men. However, there are a number of factors that will affect the results for certain individuals. Heart, liver, kidney or blood pressure problems are only some of the conditions that could affect the performance of Cialis and even endanger your health. Also, your physician will determine a dosage of either 10mg. or 20mg. of the drug and this will affect how long your erection will last. Cialis works by blocking PDES, a chemical in your blood that reverses an erection, resulting in the blood vessels opening wider and allowing blood to flow more easily into the penis. Cialis begins to work in about 30 minutes for most men. It is important to remember that Cialis works only if the individual is aroused. It does not cause an erection; it makes an erection possible by facilitating blood flow to the penis and keeping the blood in the penis longer once an erection has occurred. It is very important that your physician is notified of all medical conditions you may have as well as the medicines you take.

Cautions, side effects and warning Cialis, one of the most popular of drugs that purport to relieve symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), is not without its risks. Indeed, there are a number of potential side effects and warnings that should be considered before beginning treatment with Cialis.

Side Effects of Cialis

According to the official website of Cialis, the most common side effects of this medication are minor and include achy muscles, runny or stuffy nose, headaches, flushed skin, and indigestion. These side effects normally subside with continued usage—generally within a matter of days.  Although less common, there are a number of potentially serious side effects that have been linked to Cialis usage. These include an abnormally long-lasting erection (one that lasts for longer than four hours), dizziness, and a sudden reduction in vision or hearing. In the case of these more serious side effects, you should contact your physician right away.

Cautions and Warnings

Like most medications, Cialis may not benefit everyone and in some cases may even be dangerous. Therefore, the official website of Cialis recommends that those who take nitrates should not also take Cialis, as the combination of these two could a substantial drop in blood pressure. Further, those allergic to any of the ingredients in either Cialis or ADCIRCA should not take this medication.

Talk to your Doctor

Finally, before taking Cialis, always disclose your full health history to your doctor, as certain conditions (such as stroke, high blood pressure, and kidney disorders) can be negatively impacted by taking this medication.

Cialis solves your sexual problems

Cialis – is the most effective and the best preparation for the duration of action. The active ingredient of the drug – tadalafil prevents the breakdown of the enzyme PDE-5, which is the cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Cialis works for 36 hours, and its effect appears in 16 minutes after taking one pill in the presence of sexual arousal. The rate and extent of absorption of tadalafil are not dependent on food intake, so that Cialis can be taken with or without food.

Who should use Cialis with caution?

The recommended dose is 20 mg. Dose adjustments for elderly patients and for patients with hepatic and renal failure, as well as for men suffering from diabetes, is not required. However, patients with severe hepatic and renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance 30 mL / min), Cialis should be taken with caution, because the data controlled clinical studies on safety and efficacy in these patients are not available. Drug is given with caution to patients taking α1-blockers such as doxazosin, since simultaneous use in some cases can lead to symptomatic hypotension.

Sexual activity is a potential risk for patients with cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, treatment of erectile dysfunction, including Cialis should not be carried out in men with heart disease, in which sexual activity is not recommended.

Cialis should be used with caution in patients predisposed to priapism (such as sickle-cell anemia, multiple myeloma, or leukemia) or in patients with anatomical deformation of the penis (such as angulation, cavernous fibrosis or Peyronie’s disease).

Please keep in mind that tadalafil enhances the hypotensive effect of nitrates. This means that Cialis is absolutely should not be taken concurrently with medications that contain nitrates.

Cialis is a relatively new drug; he appeared on the market in 2003. After the active ingredient of Cialis – tadalafil was approved by the European Union for use, the drug appeared in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and later – in the markets of other countries. Clinical studies have shown that Cialis is effective in more than 80% of cases.

To buy Cialis online is convenient and advantageous, because you do not need a prescription. So you can buy Cialis in any quantity at a low price, in addition, maintaining complete anonymity.

How does Cialis work?

Erectile dysfunction is the persistent inability to develop and maintain an erection. It has caused many problems for many men across the world. Not being able to develop a strong erection is a major cause of marriage breakdown, and the dissolution of family units.

Cialis has become a major player in the erectile dysfunction ‘cure’ market. A drug that is able to promote a healthy erection when accompanied by sexual stimulation, the effects can last for a staggering 36 hours.

The drug works by allowing the arteries in the penis to open wider, so this means that blood can flow into the penis more readily. This in turn brings about an erection.

When a man is sexually aroused, signals are sent from the brain and around the penis, bringing about an erection. The signals promote the release of a chemical that relaxes the muscles around the penis, therefore allowing blood flow. In normal situations, when a man is not aroused, the muscles are constricted. This restricts blood flow to the penis. During arousal, the muscles relax, and the opposite occurs.

If a blocking chemical called PDE5 enters the penis area, it effectively reverses an erection. This is where Cialis comes in. The drug blocks PDE5. This means that there will be nothing there to stop an erection from developing.

It is important to remember that, as with all erectile dysfunction drugs, the man must be aroused for the drug to work. The penis can only achieve an erection (aided or otherwise) when chemicals are released into it. These chemicals are only released when sexual stimulation takes place. Cialis has no impact on the production of such chemicals. All it is able to do is keep them in the penis for longer, therefore maintaining an erection.

Cialis can work in under an hour. Men have reported taking it and noticing an effect in thirty minutes. This is certainly not unusual. This means that men can enjoy the effects of the drug even if sexual activity is unexpected and unplanned.

The amazing thing about Cialis is that it can still have the same effects up to 36 hours after you take a dose. This has obvious benefits for couples who wish to try for family. Conception can take time, and having the assistance of Cialis makes it a lot easier to get the results people want.

If you are considering getting a course of Cialis, talk to your doctor first. He or she will be able to advise you on the dosage you should take, and the impact the drug will or will not have on your life. The drug is very powerful, and cannot be taken by some groups of men. These men usually fall into groups where medical issues are a factor, but it is worth asking your doctor for a full discussion before you make a decision on the drug.

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